ALESSANDRA DE MARCO presenta "Calabrian Voices", Rubbettino

Introduce e coordina Alessandra DeMarco

Ubik Cosenza
Via XXIV Maggio 49/P, 87100 Cosenza (CS), Italia

Calabrian voices. Diaspora stories from the younger generation

Rubbettino (2022)
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Calabrian voices. Diaspora stories from the younger generation
Calabrian Voices is a unique collection of contributions written during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic by the students of the CLIA course. CLIA, Cultura e Letteratura Italo Americana, is the first Dofficial University course on Italian-American culture and literature in Italy, founded and directed by Professor Margherita Ganeri at the University of Calabria's Department of Humanities. They tell the stories of family members, neighbors, or compaesani, forced to flee Calabria to seek a better future away from poverty. These narratives evidence the socio-economic aspects of migration and highlight the profound human and personal toll migration has on their protagonists. These stories constitute a powerful meditation on the migratory phenomena that continue to affect Italy, a country that has become the destination of today's migration flows from underdeveloped countries while many of its graduates and professionals leave to seek better job opportunities abroad.